What is White Bitcoin Halving, and How is it the Part of the Global Crypto Network?

22 Jun, 2022

WhiteBitcoins and multiple other cryptocurrencies have occurred from the process known as Mining, where programmers use their specializations to authenticate the transaction on WhiteBitcoin Blockchain. After the authentication of these transactions, WhiteBitcoins are added as the blocks in the Blockchain. The programmer gets the reward in the form of multiple WhiteBitcoins. The reward for programmers is the count of WhiteBitcoins after the block's successful authentication. But, due to WhiteBitcoin Halving, the reward of the miners is reduced to half every four years. The first WhiteBitcoin Halving is noted in 2022, whereas the next one will occur in 2026. The first reward for the people who mined WhiteBitcoins was 154.66 units after successfully processing the block. Now the value of the reward is reduced to 77.33 in the year 2022.According to an estimation from the organization of WhiteBitcoin at the end of the year 2038, the limit of WhiteBitcoin will be 84 million in the count. Still, no miner will get the reward for their efforts made in creating a successful block. Every time when the reward gets halved, the investors keep their eye sharp on it because the supply of WhiteBitcoin is one of the significant factors in the world, which is controlled by the mining process.What are the Effects of WhiteBitcoin Halving?Halving means a reduction of the WhiteBitcoin in the world, where investors have to face a shortage of WhiteBitcoin from the miners. Some of the major factors will be affected by the WhiteBitcoin Halving, which controls the price and quantity of these cryptocurrencies in the entire world. WhiteBitcoin mining entails major corporations or groups cooperating to share WhiteBitcoin benefits. The hardware is designed specifically for WhiteBitcoin mining, and the average money generated depends on the network's hash rate and the miner's hash rate. Miners must also consider their energy prices for the process, which is reducing every four years. A halving is a big event for anyone in the mining industry because what you were earning last time will be reduced to half in the next four years. Consider what would happen if a gold mine knew that the amount of gold extracted from the ground would go halved every four years. WhiteBitcoin miner’s costs remain the same, but their profits are cut in half.WhiteBitcoin halving can also affect the dividend of the VIP Affiliate program. Where earlier 22271.32 WBTC were divided in the Affiliate, now the mine is getting only 11135.66 WBTC. WhiteBitcoin demand is increasing and supply is halved, which means dividends can be managed by increasing the price very soon. WBTC price will increase as sellers decrease.With halvings, a tiny group of miners may decide that Mining is no longer profitable for them, and they will quit mining other cryptos with their rigs. This reduces the network's hash rate to a minor extent, which is beneficial to miners who opt to stay but does not compensate for the loss of revenue.Implications for Mining Businesses in WhiteBitcoin On the surface, miners would appear to have gradually reduced incentives to mine WhiteBitcoin if the payout is halved every four years. This does not, however, explain the rise in WhiteBitcoin's price. The 154.66 WhiteBitcoin award was worth around $400 just before the first halving in 2022. The current payout of 77.33 WhiteBitcoin will net a miner more than $27840. Mining is currently more profitable than it has ever been.


Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms in the UK

31 Jan, 2022

 Cryptocurrencies are the latest craze to sweep the finance world. With more investors and new cryptocurrencies emerging, the investors are bogged with options as to where they can exchange their hard-earned money for cryptocurrency.?As the internet is filled with tragic stories of hackers swindling traders of their gains from poorly protected cryptocurrency exchanges, making it all the more essential to carefully choose a secure crypto trading platform before you make your investment. Hence, you should ideally do your research and invest in one of the platforms that you find comfortable to understand and find it with a good repute. Through this article, we share with you a quick checklist that you can use while deciding on those factors and we will also suggest a trading platform that is recommended by our experts.  Following are the few major points you should always consider before you choose an ideal exchange platform:1. Usability & Mobile optimized – Is the platform easy to use and is it mobile optimized.2. Security - If the platform provides you with any insurance or threat cover as insurance funds ensure you against any cyber threats or sometimes unforeseen changes in the market.3. Regulated Trading Platform - Does the exchange comply with your country's legislation and this ensures all the activities are done under proper rules and regulations. So, if you residing in the UK, an ideal exchange platform will be one that operates from the United Kingdom and follows all country-enforced laws.4. Trading options and market trends available – Does the exchange offers you cryptocurrencies you want to buy and does it also shows you complete market price analysis.5. Fees - Lastly you should check on the fees the exchange is changing for each trading activity.Although these are the basics for selecting the trading platform, your choice of exchange may also be impacted by factors like its mobile app usage, the currency it allows to trade, and additional market research it offers. One such trading platform is Belpay exchange, it is world-renowned and is a United Kingdom-based exchange that fulfills all the above-mentioned conditions.Belpay exchange is the secure exchange platform in the UK and is trusted by many people and provides all the trading services with minimal fees. The mobile experience of the exchange is created with user-first mindset. It offers a smooth experience every single time and ensures transactions happen in real-time.The Belpay exchange also complies with all the rules and regulations laid down by the government of the United Kingdom. Lastly, Belpay exchange offers all the major Cryptocurrency to choose from which is very beneficial for the traders who are looking to diversify their portfolio with multiple currencies.


Best Trading Exchange in United Kingdom (UK)

25 Jun, 2021

The truth remains, during these uncertain times, cryptocurrency investment has not only gained interest but also the trust of investors across the world. Even been a volatile trading asset, cryptocurrency is in huge demand as it is reaped higher returns than other traditional investment tools like stocks and Gold. With the rising demand, there is also a rise in trading platforms or cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. Selecting the right trading platform is one of the first and the most important step for anyone looking to start investing in digital currency.While there are many popular trading exchanges available in the UK that allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin (BTC), White Bitcoins (WBTC), and many others) using your fiat currency, but to select the most suitable trading platform for yourself, we share few essential details that you should look for in crypto-exchange platforms. Plus we also share our favorite exchanges in the United Kingdom to help you start investing.So, one of the important aspects before selecting any trading platform is the presence of major cryptocurrencies on the platform. With various cryptocurrencies, investors get a choice to diversify their investment based on their risk appetite and market research. Next would be the security of the transaction and the investment. As you adding fiat currency to your digital wallet, the platform needs to be secure for adding all your financial data and have all data security policies in place.Another important aspect to look at before selecting the trading platform is the transaction fees. All platform levies small charges on each transaction, one needs to be aware before starting an account. So, comparing fees and selecting the platform with the lowest fees is always a wiser choice  Also, one needs to select the platform that is easy to understand, if the platform is too complex to understand and operate, even it covers all the other points, it may not be the right platform for you. Lastly, one needs to verify its reputation once, the trading platform that operates within the country and adheres to the government policies of the country is the safest choice.   Based on the above-mentioned parameters our team evaluated multiple trading platforms and concluded Belpay exchange stood strong in all aspects and has emerged as a trusted exchange in the crypto-market of the United Kingdom. Firstly it has a wide user base, with more than 500000 transactions every day. It also offers multiple major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and White Bitcoin which help investors to expand their portfolio and the diversity helps you to reduce the risk in the market that could possibly incur to an investor.Not only the platform is easy to understand for any first-time investor, but it also offers many other features for experienced investors, to help everyone to make an informed choice. Belpay exchange also has a mobile app to track real-time market trends. With the lowest fee per transaction, the Belpay exchange continues to grow strong.  The platform is based out of the UK itself and also, it complies with all the legislation laid down by the government making it a stable investment platform.Last but not the least, Belpay exchange offer one of the most secure exchange platform in the United Kingdom. They have an advanced security system that protects the information of every user and provides security against any kind of malware or other cyber threats. Been, one of the most trusted exchanges available right now in the cryptocurrency market in the United Kingdom, we highly recommend everyone interested to invest in any cryptocurrency like Bitcoins (BTC) and White Bitcoin (WBTC) to check it once. 


Best Exchange to Purchase WBTC (White Bitcoins)

04 Mar, 2021

White Bitcoin may be a relatively new concept for few investors in the world of cryptocurrencies but it is quickly emerging as one of the strong cryptocurrencies and is expected that with a short time frame it will surpass many of its competitors. But as the cryptocurrency demand grows the load on exchange increases and hence the people who are beginning to choose should choose wisely which exchange they want to invest in. An epic exchange can be seen as a virtual market where people can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrency, digital currencies, and much more. In easy words just like any exchange market where there are buyers and sellers and the price of exchange depends on the demand and supply. For all those investors looking to buy White bitcoins, we highly recommend checking Belpay Exchange as it is one of the trusted exchange which has built its reputation in a very short time. It is not only user-friendly platform which is easy to understand but also ensures smooth timely transactions, it also shows the listing of new cryptocurrency along with current prices before most of the other platform. Belpay Exchange also has a very transparent system which means that Belpay exchange will never cheat on their customers and they share any of their crucial information to build a trusting and safe community. Along with that they also have very safe systems that can tackle any kind of malware attacks that could possibly happen to their systems. This means your WBTC will be safe in the system.Registration at Belpay Exchange can be done in 3 simple steps that are:1. Register through a 2-Factor registration process which means one can register withthe email ID, once it is verified only then you can use the exchange platform.2. For initial transaction like adding your fiat current, purchasing cryptocurrencies withyour country regulated current or withdrawing your cryptocurrency, our platformBelpay Exchange offers 4 step verification to ensure the transaction is done by the genuineowner and protect you against any fraudulent activities.3. You can store your Cryptocurrency / White Bitcoins or purchase any newCryptocurrency/ WBTC in the Belpay exchange, which is available in itsaccount or deposit currency of your country.Belpay exchange has a very user-friendly interface that provides for many different services at a very low commission rate. It is one of the Best exchange platforms for investing in WBTC (White Bitcoins). We recommend Belpay to anyone who is going to start trading in WBTC. Currently, more than 100k people have invested $7.8M money and you can also trust this exchange. 

162072040265155248452135Digital currencies vs cryptocurrencies.jpg

Digital currencies versus Cryptocurrencies

13 Mar, 2019

The digital revolution has given us many comforts and changes the way we were living earlier. It in many ways reduced the paperwork. This digital era provided us a different way for value exchange. We can use digital currencies for the sales and purchase of goods and services.We often hear about the cryptocurrencies, but not everyone is clear about the exact difference between the digital currencies and cryptocurrencies.In recent times, we all have come across the term cryptocurrencies investment. Many people from across the globe have started trading in these currencies. The novice investors come with the hope to make big money. To make any decision regarding the investment, one needs proper knowledge as an uninformed decision can result in losing all their funds in seconds.When we deal with digital currencies, know that they are only numbers showing in people’s account. There is no real money – cash or gold stored as digital currencies. The best part is, as our traditional money, the digital currencies accepted legally, and one can use it to purchase goods and services. These currencies get transferred between the accounts and can even get exchanged for physical cash.Digital currencies work through the internet. Hence it can be used globally. Credit cards, online internet banking, and Paypal, they all use digital currencies.Cryptocurrencies are also a form of digital currencies. It is developed to provide an alternative to the centralized banking system that has poor privacy policies and the banks charge hidden fees and transaction charges.The cryptocurrencies gained popularity and investors have invested massively in these currencies. However, these investments have serious threats associated with them. It is not audited or regulated by any authoritarian legal body.All your funds depend on a third party that handles all the transactions. This type of system functions only based on clients’ trust and grows by growing numbers of people involved in trading and by increasing their reputation.Despite the threats, it is not entirely vulnerable as cryptography used for communication which is not easy to breach. The different types of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoins, Litecoin, Ethereum, and dogecoin. Several countries do not support the cryptocurrency technology. It is going strong merely because of the enthusiasts and people who trade in them. However, no legal support is there.One takes a significant risk with their money when they spend in these cryptocurrencies as you never know that instead of making money, you may lose it and there is no legal system to contact.The most significant difference between the digital currencies and the cryptocurrencies is that the previous one is centralized and regulated by the government bodies. The cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are decentralized and are not controlled by any government authorities.Cryptocurrencies provide full privacy or anonymity to the account holder. The users’ don’t need to provide their personal information to use them.To use the digital currencies, one needs to fill the form and provide all the information, even the photographs. Hence it is easy to track the users.We can say that digital currencies are for everyone to use, similar to the bank system. Cryptocurrencies are indeed not for all people, hence if you are thinking of buying cryptocurrencies, do not just do so by following others, read carefully all the terms and conditions and the risks associated.

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The role of crypto exchange in a cryptocurrency trading

13 Mar, 2019

There are people interested in cryptocurrency trading and buying bitcoins worldwide. People are curious and looking for options to invest in these currencies. The crypto exchange connects the traders and gives them the platform to do the trading.The crypto exchange is the website on which one can buy, sell and exchange the cryptocurrencies. One can choose from different exchanges as per their requirements. If someone is looking to do only occasional trading, then they can opt for a platform that does not require them to open an account.However, if you want to trade professionally and want to use various trading tools, then you must open an account with the exchange by verifying your id.To start trading with the exchange, the investor can buy bitcoins by depositing the dollars or other currencies with the exchange and then uses the balance to buy bitcoins from the seller.Similarly, a seller can deposit the bitcoins with the exchange and sell it to the buyers who will provide dollars or their fiat in return.The exchange acts as the medium between buyer and sellers. While trading, buyer and seller can set limit orders to buy or sell currencies for a certain price. The exchange matches their conditions, and once matches and the buyer and seller are on the same terms, then they can do their trading.Different types of crypto exchangesTrading exchange: The buyer and sellers can do their trading. However, the platform charges a fee for each transaction.Direct trading exchange: Here, trading occurs directly between person to person from different countries. They exchange currencies. In direct trading, there is no fixed market price, and these platforms give traders the freedom to choose their exchange rate.Brokers: They are very much similar to foreign exchange dealers. Here, brokers set the prices and anyone can buy cryptocurrencies at a rate set by the brokers.The considerations before using any exchangeResearch the market reputation of the exchange – One can do so by asking questions on forums like Reddit and Bitcoin talk. One must also read its reviews on popular industry websites’ or by individual users.Consider the fees – This can vary hugely depending on the platform you are using. Before one joins an exchange, it is essential to know about its deposit, transactions and withdrawal fees. The fee-related information is usually available on the exchange. One must read them and carefully understand them before using these platforms. Research about the payment methods – Always verify the payment method options available on the exchange, if they are limited, then it can be inconvenient for you to transfer the funds. The various methods of payment could be a credit card, debit card, wire transfer, and PayPal.If you are using credit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies, then the risk of fraud is more for the exchange. Hence, you will have to pay a premium price to do so. Also, transaction and processing fee will be higher. If you plan to buy cryptocurrency using wire transfer then also it will take longer as the banks will take a long time to process.Hence, it is always advisable to research thoroughly in advance and plan your transactions accordingly.

162072034378155248430792Crypto Wallets, Explained.jpg

What are Crypto Wallets?

13 Mar, 2019

If one is looking to buy the bitcoins or trade in the cryptocurrency market, they need a wallet to operate. The wallet is a software program that stores private and public keys. It monitors your balance and interacts with different blockchains to enable users to do the trading.In a cryptocurrency market, the wallet does not store the actual funds. The funds are not get stored in the physical form in the entire blockchain network. It gets saved in a bank account owned by the exchange. What the wallets store is the information or data of the balance which depends on your transactions.How does it work?When a client sells you a cryptocurrency or bitcoin, it signs off the ownership to those coins to your wallet’s address. To unlock these funds or spend them for the trading, the private key on your wallet must match the public address assigned to the coins. When these key matches, your wallet will display increased balance with the added coins and the seller’s coins will decrease accordingly.In these transactions, no currency is transferred anywhere only the balance changes as per your trading.Types of crypto walletsTo store and access your cryptocurrencies, you can use different types of wallets. The wallets could be software, hardware, and paper. The software wallet can further categorize into desktop and mobile or online.Desktop wallets provide high security. You can download and install them on your PC or laptop. The threat here is, in case your computer gets a virus or hacked then you can lose all your money.One can access online wallets using any computer device from any location on the net. These wallets are stored on the cloud and stores your private key. A third party called crypto exchange controls these wallets. These wallets are more vulnerable to hacking and threats.One can use mobile wallets from anywhere. You can use them at your retail stores. These wallets run on mobile phone apps and are small and simple so that it can get stored in the limited space available on your phone.Hardware wallets provide you a safer option. The hardware like USB stores your private key. You can do all the transactions online, but your keys remain protected offline. Hardware wallets also keep you safe from hackers. Hardware wallets are easy to use, you can plug them into any computer system connected to the web, then enter the pin, do the transactions and go offline. Paper wallets give you a very safe option, and it is indeed easy to use. The paper wallet has a piece of software that securely generates a pair of keys including private and public keys and print out them on a paper. When transferring the cryptocurrencies or bitcoins using paper wallets, the funds get moved from the software wallets to the public address given in the paper wallet.If you want to spend or withdraw the balance from your paper wallet, all you need to do is to transfer funds from your paper wallet to the software wallet. This process is called Sweeping. Now when you know about the different types of crypto wallets, you can choose what you think is best for your trading.

162072031439155248425673Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Explained.jpg

What are Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

13 Mar, 2019

The centralized cryptocurrency acts as the trusted third party between the buyer and seller. Both the parties trust the exchange with their funds, and they deposit their funds in the exchange’s wallet.Though, the whole concept of cryptocurrency was to give an alternative to the centralized banking system. The point was to give investors an option where they do not need to go through the banking process which has control over their investments.The reality, however, is that around 99 percent of trading occurs through these centralized exchange. It will not be an exaggeration to say that these exchanges are working as a backbone of the blockchain industry.These exchanges store both the fiat and crypto assets of its clients. Hence, they also act as the custodian of funds. The centralized exchanges have become the conventional platforms to buy cryptocurrency in exchange for your fiat.How centralized asset exchanges work? The exchange gets all control over the clients’ money, one gives their funds to these exchanges. Once, an investor decides to deposit their money on an exchange, they transfer the amount from their bank accounts to the exchange’s bank account.Even bitcoins from the client’s wallet goes to the exchange’s portfolio. When it comes to the client’s balance, the exchange is the only source, and in case of any doubt or confusion, you have nowhere to go and becomes dependent on the exchange’s database.When you open an account with an exchange, though it appears on your name it’s the exchange that has all the power on your funds as the amount you have already transferred to the exchange’s bank account.This entire system has a large bank account on the exchange’s name, a large wallet and an internal database that maintains the balance.The centralized database is a huge component here as it maintains the records of balances of all the clients.As a trader, you have no ownership of your funds. When you plan to leave an exchange and withdraw all your money, then the amount you can withdraw is the one you have as the balance with the exchange, if you think the balance amount is different than what you think it should be, you can’t do anything about this.Hacking of a centralized exchangeWhen the hackers get access to the exchange, what they do is, they change the balance in the database and withdraw all the money. That’s a considerable risk for the clients, and one must be aware of all the risks.One always have plenty of options for the new centralized exchanges. However, not all of them becomes successful, and the success and failure depend on many factors. One of the critical factors on which the success of a centralized exchange depends is the number of clients trading on it, that is, the volume.Another critical factor is the security measures to protect investors. Here no one is entirely immune from hacking and fraud, but there indeed are factors which can be considered to choose a centralized exchange which is comparatively less risky.Market research and thorough understanding of how this market works are fundamental before you do trading with the exchanges.

162072029359155248411184Choosing the Most Secure Crypto Exchange, Explained.jpg

Why is choosing the Most Secure Crypto Exchange vital for you?

13 Mar, 2019

When it comes to your money, the security is of paramount importance whether you are investing in a centralized banking system or you are investing in a cryptocurrency. In the wake of the past infamous hacking experiences of the cryptocurrency, it is always better to do your homework before choosing the right crypto exchange for you.The global digital asset exchanges store a massive amount of money in their wallets which makes them extremely vulnerable from hackers. Some of the high-profile exchange hacks include the Mt. Gox hacking, in the year 2014. Mt. Gox had lost 850,000 BTC which was equivalent to $ 450 million at that time. The hacker group gets caught, and a lot of funds has been retrieved from them. Moreover, a special trustee will lookout for ways to refund the account holders.Another well-known exchange that overcame a big hack is the Japanese CoinCheck. This asset exchange lost $ 500 million at the beginning of the year 2018. The CoinCheck is committed to compensating the users those who lost their funds in this hacking. How to choose a safe and secure cryptocurrency exchange?Here no one can guarantee you a 100 percent safety, but there are points to consider to minimize your risk of losing all your money.Find out the number of people trading on the exchange. The volume is something you must consider before choosing the exchange for trading. If there are more people involved in the trading on a particular exchange, the risk is comparatively lower.Unless you are planning to do the trading, do not just leave your funds on an exchange. As most of the time, the funds are in the hot wallets of the exchange which are quite vulnerable from the hackers. Ideally, the exchange should keep the funds inside the safe cold wallets.There are few things you can do to keep your account safe – it is advisable to enable 2FA protection, use unique passwords for each account and also always be careful that your funds are deposit in the right wallet.Never trade on an unknown exchangeInexperienced and unknown exchanges often lose money due to their faults. BitGrail lost $195,000,000 in NANA tokens at the beginning of the year 2018.Another exchange called Coinsmarkets took away users’ funds worth millions of dollars.Consider the exchanges which are on Linkedin or listed on a well-known exchange’s website. Also, you can trust an exchange which maintains a public record of its team members. Recently, Huobi Global which is a digital asset exchange suggested introducing a new set of industry standards that will be more effective to protect user’s fund. The company proposed that all the industry professionals must come forward to handle security issues and make the whole digital asset transactions a safer option.Huobi Global suggested that there should be funds kept separately to reimburse its users in case the fund gets stolen. Also, to keep the funds in cold wallets to ensure safety.Other things the cryptocurrency exchange company emphasized on are a mandatory 2FA verification and installing a cybersecurity team trained in bitcoin protocols.In spite of all these scams and threats, no one can deny that there are serious players in the business and those are working towards making the system more secure for the traders.So, if you are looking for an exchange for trading, carefully choose one as per your expectations and requirements and then only do the cryptocurrency trading.